Demo showing the use of animated layouts…

April 4, 2009

This example shows an implementation of a custom QGraphicsLayout that tries to keep the layout as much “squared” as possible.

But the main thing being shown here is that the layout deals with a QGraphicsLayoutProxy, making it transparent for someone who is just adding or removing items from the layout, so all items are automatically animated when they change a position inside the layout or we change the size of the layout.

Jeez has more explanations here, but if you want to just watch the demo, take a look at Openbossa channel or just watch it below:

6 Responses to “Demo showing the use of animated layouts…”

  1. Very nice!!

  2. Nice… can we see what it looks like without the bounce? In particular, it seems to clash a bit with resizing. (Plus, I personally find the bounce a bit distracting.)

  3. Interesting. How is performance? It seems rather smooth, considering a screencast recording app is running – but I wouldn’t know what super-heavy-quadcore-with-lots-of-ram you have 😉

  4. @David: Yeah, actually you can put any easing curve there…..on Monday I’ll try to upload a video without the bouncing for you 😉

  5. @jospoortvliet: Hehe, in desktop the performance is perfect. Just fyi, the machine was a regular core 2 duo with 2 gb of ram, but the performance is really good. We are also getting improvements on QGraphicsView and due to that the performance on embedded devices are expected to get much better. Cheers!

  6. The ability is awesome, but the actual implementation is a bit… I don’t know… irritatingly spastic? Twitchy?

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