KDE Mobile Sprint and MeeGo

November 21, 2010

Yep, I didn’t blog about MeeGo Conference yet. But come on, a lot happened during the last few days 😛 I barely had time to sleep really well (those that know me can tell histories about my sleep-walking and sleep-talking hehe).

However, just to keep everybody updated before I do a full post or read an article on the dot here it is a simple video that means a lot!


Basically we put Plasma mobile to run on top of MeeGo and thanks to a lot of Marco’s work we already supported screen rotation! Besides the “fail” that drivers don’t properly report that the screen is being rotated on this device, pressing some keys we can make the view rotate and then comes the magic 😀

Of course we also put the Plasma netbook to run on the device but the mobile one was really nice to play with our hands 🙂 Keep your eyes on the Planet as I think more people have news to share 😉

More about the sprint and the conference after the break 😛

5 Responses to “KDE Mobile Sprint and MeeGo”

  1. Nice music on video, I hope you have the proper license to use it? Would be fail if an open project just lifted something that they don’t have a license for. 😉

  2. @Jouni: yes I have. actually, youtube has (check the link to buy the song below the video). when choosing the song for the video I just pressed “I am feeling lucky” and this was the song youtube offered to swap with the original voice (local noise).

  3. Very happy to see attention being paid to my netbook (S10-3T)! Can’t wait to see this thing working fully, including screen rotation and multitouch.

  4. @Avdi: we cant wait for proper driver support too. we would be able to do a lot of stuff with it 😉

  5. […] the videos in Marco’s and Artur’s posts about the sprint. Also, Till Adam showing Kontact Mobile on […]

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