Back to life!

November 21, 2011

I am back from my honeymoon and I’m starting to organize my life again!

Incredible Circus

Meanwhile, we finally released a game that I’m really proud that is called “Incredible Circus”. It’s the kind of game that is really addictive :). In three weeks we achieved 200k downloads on Nokia Store and today is available for the N9. It’s also a really good showcase for Qt. If you have a Symbian^3 or MeeGo device, just follow the link to try the game.

You can also check it out on the video below.

Apart from that, I’m updating my machine and as soon as I have a developer environment again I’ll start hacking on Plasma again. Probably fixing some bugs, right Aaron? 😉

10 Responses to “Back to life!”

  1. Oh my, that look like a lot of fun. Too bad I can’t afford to import an N9.

    Maybe a necessitas-powered Android port is in the game’s future? I’d totally pay a buck or two for this.

  2. @Lunarcloud: well, it’s also available to Symbian^3 devices :). Maybe in the future, if we release the source code, a port to Android is just a matter of minutes, thanks to Necessitas 😉

  3. I’m wondering, about “Incredible Circus”… do you planing to release it under free and open-source license?

  4. @Kiril: we are studying this option. Maybe in the future as we need to give the product some time on the market before.

  5. That game does look good. Will download for my N8 🙂
    So, what are the technologies you used to write it apart from Qt?

    Would be very interested to know your experiences of developing the game using Qt.

  6. @rahul: we just used Qt itself and played a little bit with the platform’s mixer in order to properly play the sounds. It uses QGraphicsView.

  7. brutal muito bom parabens


  8. This game looks GREAT!
    Qt FTW!
    Will be downloading and playing ASAP

  9. Since this was written in Qt, any chance of building it for Maemo5/N900?

  10. @Travla: we may do that :). Right now we are targeting devices with larger use bases but in the future we may release it for Maemo5/N900.

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