Sharing articles using Akregator

October 22, 2010

A month ago I integrated into Akregator the “share” feature that uses Plasma’s microblog service to help you to share news with your friends using the microblog services ( and twitter). The good thing about using is that all your data belong to you 😉 and you can easily replicate your posts to twitter too. Another place where is better than twitter is that it provides RSS feeds for all kind of information.

You may be asking yourself: “why the heck is this useful?”. The answer is: everytime you share some article on Akregator it publishes the title of the article, the link to the article and put’s a tag “#share”. This way you can use the tag feed to retrieve the news that your friends are sharing: just add the RSS feed to your feed reader and voilà 😀 This provides a feature that looks like the one that Google Reader provides, but in completely open environment!

If you are interested in reading my shares, just add this to your reader: .

I’m on vacations so it has been hard to keep doing any development as I’m busy traveling with my fiance 😉 but I can post about some stuff that I’ve been developing before my vacations!

See you!

2 Responses to “Sharing articles using Akregator”

  1. it good news for me to share my article with others 🙂
    but why not working on integrating with google reader and import google account in akregator to read articles ?

  2. @Roozbeh: the point of my patch was to go away from this specific service of google, so there was no point for me to integrate google reader with akregator 🙂 However there is a plugin for akregator to use google reader that is not maintained anymore and not finished. So if you’re willing to do that, there is already a place to start 🙂


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