It has been a while

It has been a while since my last post and a lot happened in the meantime. Just to point a few (in no special order):

  • 11th February for Nokia;
  • Tokamak;
  • GSoC;
  • Qt Contributor Summit;
  • Qt Open Governance announced;
  • Desktop Summit;
  • Release of N9;
  • Google acquired Motorola;
  • Plasma Active;
  • Netflix in Brazil;
  • Use of Tiny Tiny RSS (my share feed)
  • …(many other stuff!)

The sad part though is that I haven’t been able to contribute much code to KDE lately. Next month I’m getting married and as you can probably guess, there is a lot of planning going on (and we can’t forget the famous “bridezilla” effect that usually happens with girls before weddings 😛

On the bright side I’ve been working on awesome projects, trying to eat our own dog food (mainly QML). With these projects we are feeling the pieces of Qt/QML that needs some love and we plan that for the next year we will be able to help the Qt Project to solve these small issues that you can only find when you develop real world applications and not developer/designer-wanna-be demos 😉

IMHO that’s one of the skills that is hard to find today on framework developers: most of them didn’t contribute much to KDE in the last years nor developed real applications. Because of this sometimes it gets harder for them to understand a use case or a “complain” about the technology they develop. I hope that with open governance we can get more help about this (and also use more the rule of the “3 examples” before adding new APIs).

I’ve been following closely the development of Plasma Active and the rest of KDE. I still have one item on my TODO list (related to one of our scripts that get the content of qml files that need translation) that I promised to tsdgeos that I would fix ASAP but I just didn’t have the time unfortunately 🙁 . November seems the month that I will be able to get back to KDE development (after the honeymoon!!).

Well, I think that’s it. I just wanted to make a simple blog post and update my KDE friends 🙂

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