Big changes!

After 5 wonderful years working with passionate and skilled people I am now moving to São Paulo to work at Facebook’s office for Latin America. My official role will be Partner Engineer.

This doesn’t mean that I will go away from KDE, neither from Qt. It just means that I will contribute more on my free time (as it was before Nokia acquired Trolltech) than during working hours.

I am thrilled with this opportunity and I am sure that all of you who know me are also happy with this announcement.

I will be a little bit offline the next days due to my move, but I will be checking emails regularly 🙂


5 thoughts on “Big changes!

  1. Mauricio Piacentini

    woohoo… very happy as some of my day to day job now involves writing code for social games backend, and as a result, heavy interface with FB’s APIs 🙂 Let’s talk!


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