Plasmoid with QEdje

Akademy was really great! It was awesome to give faces to nicknames and to chat, have dinner, learn and talk with a lot of people…just awesome!

My first plasmoid is done, right now. It took some time to take care about details and I had to wait before we could publish the last QEdje’s version. Unfortunately, our server is going down for maintenance this weekend but you can get the snapshots in this post. After the servers go online on Monday, we’ll also put our git repository online (actually it’s already there).

It’s a simple plasmoid and it took more time to create the animation frames (using blender…) than to code the plasmoid. Thanks to ervin and darktears who helped me with little doubts 😉

Required downloads: QEdje 0.2 , QZion 0.2 , EET , KDE logo Edje File. I put the KDE logo here because it doesn’t fit well inside the svn. If you want to compile your own themes, you’ll need some tools from EFL. We are working on a solution for this but meanwhile you can use this hacked tarball: Edje Utils.

You can also find the release notes here and some QEdje examples here.

Just take a look at svn inside plasma’s playground and look for qedje inside applets folder. Now, some screenshots:

The first ones shows KDE logo animated in different positions and I wanted to show it working with a full transparent background in the third screenshot.

Next step: wallpaper plugins, here I come!

PS: you must take a look at the “dangeroo” joke. The best part of the joke is the listener’s faces (right ervin????) 🙂

PS2: for those asking for Zack’s photos during Bossa Conference 2008, sorry but a llama ate all the photos 😛

Update: instructions to use Edje Utils:

6 thoughts on “Plasmoid with QEdje

  1. orzel

    Nice screenshots, but i dont understand anything. What is qedge ? what is qzion ? what does the applet do ? What is eet ?

  2. MoRpHeUz

    @Nick: besides the fact that none of the technologies that you mentioned run well on linux, Edje has a really small memory footprint and because of that it’s very good to run on embedded devices. Edje/QEdje itself is very optimized and we are working to make QGV even faster. On the other hand this applications are easier for designers to work on, but we plan to make QEdje as easy as it.


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