New QEdje version

Today we released a new version of QEdje and QZion (0.4.0).

This release includes a lot of bug fixing and also the change from qmake to cmake :-). We did some code refactor, fixed a LOT of bugs, improved a little bit the python bindings, improved support for mouse events and even created a signal to help the use of QEdje on Plasma wallpapers…

We also changed our repository and now it’s located at We are moving all our open source projects to this host and hopefully we’ll have more projects there in the next weeks ;).

5 thoughts on “New QEdje version

  1. MoRpHeUz

    @Abu Assar: Hi…no, QZion has nothing to do with Zionism…the deal about the name is that the guy who started the project liked a lot the movie “The Matrix” 😉


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