Demo showing the use of animated layouts…

This example shows an implementation of a custom QGraphicsLayout that tries to keep the layout as much “squared” as possible.

But the main thing being shown here is that the layout deals with a QGraphicsLayoutProxy, making it transparent for someone who is just adding or removing items from the layout, so all items are automatically animated when they change a position inside the layout or we change the size of the layout.

Jeez has more explanations here, but if you want to just watch the demo, take a look at Openbossa channel or just watch it below:

6 thoughts on “Demo showing the use of animated layouts…

  1. David

    Nice… can we see what it looks like without the bounce? In particular, it seems to clash a bit with resizing. (Plus, I personally find the bounce a bit distracting.)

  2. jospoortvliet

    Interesting. How is performance? It seems rather smooth, considering a screencast recording app is running – but I wouldn’t know what super-heavy-quadcore-with-lots-of-ram you have 😉


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