How is the weather in Qt 4.6 ?

Hmm…it looks sunny 🙂 Take a look at this video. This is a demo we did using Qt 4.6 for S60 and the N900. You can find the source code in the same place where you can get Qt’s source code.

This is a “making of” video from the designers perspective, that shows from where they started and where they are right now in terms of design and of course, the implementation of the demo by the end of the video :). It also shows a little bit the work flow of INdT’s designers when designing new products.

Nice weather application. We didn’t have time to improve KDE’s  one but for KDE 4.5 we’ll abuse so much of Qt 4.6! Performance improvements and features added. Who can imagine what’s coming in Qt 4.7 and 4.8 ???? (ok ok, maybe we know that and Thiago for sure knows that….but come on…you too can take a look at the repos and know what’s coming ;). Enjoy the video!

Changing the weather from Ian Moreira on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “How is the weather in Qt 4.6 ?

  1. Hans

    Wow I like the video – looks very professional. I was going to say “the only thing I missed was some sound and music” but then discovered that my speakers were turned off. 😀

  2. Alessandro

    Gostei muito deste aplicativo. Por acaso ele já se encontra disponível para testes? E quanto ao aplicativo de “shopping list” que mencionou em meu blog? Onde o encontro?

  3. morpheuz

    @Alessandro: para testes já se encontra disponível em: Recomendo aguardar mais alguns dias antes de testar e esperar até o lançamento do Qt 4.6 (estamos MUITO próximos do lançamento já que está previsto para esta semana) assim já pega a versão final e não terá problemas com possíveis regressões 😉



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