Qt 4.6: Ow!

So, Qt 4.6.0 is out! It’s really a “big” release: QAnimation Framework, Symbian Release, Qt Creator 1.3, Maemo 5 Tech Preview and Qt Mobility. Ow!

Basically we have been working with the trolls in this release for a year now and it was awesome to see how we got from 4.5 to 4.6. All the work done on the APIs, bug fixing, the release process and also making it more open. The LGPL license, the opening of repositories and bug tracker.

I’ve been advertising about a little piece of this game that is QGraphicsAnchorLayout that is where we spent most of our efforts for this release. We hope that this will help people out there working with rich UI applications and in the need of better layout classes.

Sometime ago I also wrote about some demos for the Maemo and Symbian platforms showing the power of Qt Animation Framework and Qt 4.6 itself as it improved a lot in performance (besides the fact of integration with the platforms as we have the same code for both platforms).

You can take a look at the demos at the video below and try on your mobile phones downloading the sis/deb files from this place. Remember that these are UI demos and some of them are not fully implemented like the Hyper UI not doing real phone calls or not being able to add items to the shopping list (however the Weather and My Budget are probably very, if not 100%, functional).

If you want to take a look at the demo’s code, be my guest and check gitorious for it :). Ah, for those that missed the link above for the download, here it is again: http://qtlabs.openbossa.org/mobile-demos/4.6.0/ . Summary of Qt 4.6 ? Ow !!!

Take a look at the official Qt 4.6 pages too:

13 thoughts on “Qt 4.6: Ow!

  1. Karoliina

    Qt 4.6 is indeed very cool and Qt for Maemo is cool too.

    However, how many times you mentioned Maemo and how many times Symbian? Actually if the thumbnail of the video is counted (and the contents of it, how many Symbian examples it has), you said more times Symbian than Maemo… Grr.

  2. morpheuz

    @Karoliina: The thumbnail of the videos just reflect the number of devices right now running Symbian and Maemo. We would add much more Maemo devices in the video if they existed. We’ve been working with Maemo since N770 and all the examples that run on Symbian also run on Maemo. Don’t be too angry: maybe in a few years we’ll have the opposite situation but right now this is what we have (I even didn’t receive the n900 I purchased with the Maemo developers program, so everything is harder in Maemo land these days).

    Maybe you could give us a help ? 😉

  3. Thiago Macieira

    Besides, Qt support for Maemo 5 is only reaching Technical Preview 2 now. There are still many things to do before we call it final, so it’s normal Symbian will get more attention.

    And there are 100-120 million Symbian devices out there you can target with Qt now, whereas Maemo has, on the upper bound, 1/100th of that.

    I hope that next year when we blog, we talk about Maemo (Harmattan) a lot more than Symbian though 🙂

  4. zchydem

    Really cool looking stuff! This is the kind of stuff that makes me motivated to learn more.

    I better get the source code and check how do you guys do these amazing things. Thanks for the post. Btw, I added link to your blog in my blog. I hope it’s ok?

  5. Karoliina

    @morpheuz Talk to Quim Gil about the delivery issue. I guess it might have something to do with your country of residence, but I am not the expert and I don’t know a solution. Quim is a better person for that.

    Great blog posting by the way. I will give thumbs up on planet.

  6. VDVsx

    The hyper_ui demo is not working properly on the N900 (4.6.0~git20091125-0maemo1), it only shows the clock and the tasks, no menu, and the weather demo always complains about the network, only can be used in offline mode.

    Good job with the demos.

    1. morpheuz

      @VDVsx: yeah, the weather problem on the n900 regarding the network is known issue. We’ll try to fix that. I’ll also ask the guys to check the Hyper UI problem! Thanks for the feedback!

    1. morpheuz

      @Quim Gil: Hi Quim! Yep, the guys from DDP just contacted me and it seems that my n900 is already shipped and the guys from DDP were amazing at this :). When I was talking to Karoliina I was thinking more about the device being sold here, etc… so people that even don’t know about maemo around us can discover the platform and start developing for it. But I know that you put a lot of effort and time on this matter and thanks to you and other people @nokia we have the DDP program that helps *a lot* ! Cheers!

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