I am part of the game!

There are several ways of being part of the KDE game: you can develop, translate, be an artist, help users, take care of our infrastructure, organize developer sprints. A lot of ways right? But some people just lack the time to join the game in any of the areas that I just listed but still want to contribute in some way to the project.

Join the Game

The “Join the Game” campaign was launched to create another way of contributing to the project: you donate some money to the project in order to help organizing developer sprints, to represent KDE on conference and trade shows, maintaining the current infrastructure and help the e.V. to legally represent the project in different manners.

As soon as the campaign was launched I wanted to be part of it too because I know how hard it is to sponsor all the activities that we have and how important the activities are. Some weeks after joining the game I received this awesome gift from the KDE e.V. It came in a simple box and when I opened I could find a blue box (no, it’s not a T.A.R.D.I.S. :P) and a letter.

It was really a nice emotion to read the letter that was sent to me, signed by the president of the KDE e.V. (really signed, not that image of the signature that organizations usually use). Opening the blue box another surprise: a nice silver card with my name, the KDE e.V. logo and the number of my membership: 0006! It was a surprise and I am very very happy to be an early adopter of this! And the cherry of this awesome cake: a playing piece (the same that you see on the posters), made of wood and with the KDE logo painted on it and also my membership number. Just great! Congratulations to everybody involved on this campaign! Check below some pictures:

The Letter - really signed

You can see the KDE logo in the center of the box

What you see when you open the box

Membership card

The Membership card

Playing Piece - front

Playing Piece - back

And you? What are you waiting for? Help KDE and be part of it: Join the Game!

15 thoughts on “I am part of the game!

  1. tardypad

    Personally, I’m just waiting to finish my studies and have a real paid job. But definitely, I want that piece to play the ludo game 🙂 (well, I will need several memberships to form a team…). It would be great one day to gather all members with their own playing pieces.

  2. tardypad

    Personally, I’m just waiting to finish my studies and have a real paid job. But definitely, I want that piece to play the ludo game 🙂 (well, I will need several memberships to form my own team…).

    1. morpheuz

      @udo: if you don’t have the time, you can always donate a little bit of money to help those that have the time to meet and have developer sprints 😀

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  4. Fri13

    Wow, that is something!

    Not just a number in signature in forums or a web page “card” name on it but physical object and car what can be placed to wallet or even frames to the wall!

    Now I wish I would have money to make such donation… just spended last euros to bills… :-/

  5. Framp

    I’m not sure I can reach the web team behind the jquery site on http://jointhegame.kde.org/

    I’d like to suggest them to use overflow:hidden; on the body: right know there is an horrible scrollbar which you can use to scroll the website – instead of using the menu

    bye 😉

  6. Joonas


    I’d also add something to your suggestion. The navigation is really buggy (at least on Opera). It scrolls to the end when hovering something. It was a struggle to even find the application form (which btw looks kinda ugly). Maybe tested only with Firefox? 🙂

  7. Framp

    I tried it on opera (10.61) and I did not find any bug.
    The site is working nicely apart from that scrollbar.

    Thanks for the information, I opened a bug 😉


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