GMyth-Streamer v0.3 ‘released’

At least some news here! =)

First of all, I’m proud to say that GMyth-Streamer was able to stream mpeg2 content (digital-tv) over 2 networks that were in different countries with the help of GMyth. It was amazing to watch some live content from Europe! 😉

Secondly, due to some requests I’m releasing today version 0.3 of GMyth-Streamer with some good improvements:

r724 | morphbr | 2007-05-29 17:24:48 -0300 (Tue, 29 May 2007) | 19 lines

* GMyth-Streamer version 0.3 released
– Improved Log architecture;
– Creation of a history for the transcoder’s actions
– Creation of an id for each transcoder instanciated
– Also wrapps default actions for python’s default logger

– Created new functions to make use of this new Log architecture;
– serve_new_id
– serve_get_log
– serve_get_all_log

Lot of small bug fixes;

– Inserted header for all files;

– Splited files with too many lines (more than 1 class per file) in more files;
One of the small bug fixes is related to the name of the stream when retrieving the stream: usually it comes with “” as filename, but now you can use “http://../name.avi?” and be happy…your receiver will understand that the name of the file being streamed is name.avi (you can use any name you want). This is specially useful for embedded browsers (anybody thinking about PS3 😉 you can make PS3’s browser download the videos converted using GMyth-Streamer). Btw, anybody knows which is the browser that the PS3 uses ? I think it’s Opera.

Another good improvement is the Log system: now each transcoder receives an ID (before I was using the tuple (IP, PORT) in some cases and on another ones (IP, FILE). I don’t need to say that this can cause a lot of problems. With this new architecture, we are now able to retrieve the whole log of the transcoders as well use this ID to make actions on them and keep record of “dead” ones. Talking about death: fixed the bug that each transcoding was leaving one instance of mencoder alive each time it was used.

Well, some people said they’ve some patches for me but never sent it and some people was asking about how to use GMyth or GMyth-Streamer. I think it’s easy to people to contact me, because I would write too much to cover all the use cases =) .

2 thoughts on “GMyth-Streamer v0.3 ‘released’

  1. morpheuz

    Hi! Good to see you around here man! =)
    I can say that Maemo-Myth is under progress…maybe we’ll have a nice demo soon, but the full application I don’t know… 😉

    Best Regards!


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