Pastebin (Old) Update and Kinetic

It has been some time now since I updated the Pastebin applet and I didn’t have enough time to write this small post telling you the news: there is now a imagebin server implementation for the pastebin applet. This means that you can just drag your images there and it’ll post to imagebin server and you can share images with your friends easily =) I even heard today an use case of people taking snapshots with ksnapshot and draging the picture in the pastebin applet…that’s really nice!

Another very good news is that the Kinetic project is “on the streets”. Now you know what we were doing in Oslo by the time of this post. We gave a little help for those guys and soon we’ll keep working very close with those guys. We just have to finish another small project first…

Besides that I’m really happy that KDE 4.2 is almost on shape (at least for me hehe). Every day it becomes better and better. I also have to mention that applications like Marble and Digikam are getting even better also…

From the development side, hopefully I’ll be able to help closing some Plasma’s bugs until the release.

That’s it for now =P Cheers!

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