Animated Wallpapers for Plasma

It has been some time now that the QEdje’s wallpaper plugin for Plasma is on playground, but just yesterday I had some time to finally write a patch for QZion to enable the correct painting of the animated wallpaper. This patch still needs to go mainline in QZion…

Anyway, for those wanting to see a little demo take a look at the video below:

Plasma Animated Wallpaper

Cheers! 🙂

UPDATE: here is the QZion’s patch;a=commit;h=4d7901de03d2ce86ab31fd67b0be7a2fe6de6c21 . So people using qzion/qedje from trunk can use that =)

19 thoughts on “Animated Wallpapers for Plasma

  1. litb

    quite amazing. tho how is the performance of it? i’ve seen windows vista animated backgrounds, and they could play videos in realtime in the background.

  2. morpheuz

    @litb: The performance is good. I hope it becomes even better with qt 4.5. I need to do more tests with more objects but it should be easy to play videos in realtime as well. =) With Qt Kinetics it should become even easier to create this kind of wallpapers.

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  7. morpheuz

    @Halim: QZion is the canvas used by QEdje to paint stuff…about the name, not sure why it’s called like that =P

    @George: yes! that’s a good site for animated backgrounds!

  8. David

    Does it Just Work ™?

    I had to change “background” to “e/desktop/background” in the qedje wallpaper source code and recompile a background to get it to show.

  9. morpheuz

    @David: Hey David!
    It’s not working out of the box…it was just a test. The fact of having to recompile the background is because the edje files at are very old…and as the kdelogo.edj had the group as “background” I just used it there. If you want talk more about this, join #plasma on freenode or free fell to send me an email 😉


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