New Pastebin feature and change of names…

Now you can just drop an http URL on the pastebin plasmoid and it’ll give you a tiny url 🙂 Nice and small feature…

Also I just committed the change of name from plasma-mid to plasma-netbook to avoid problems, confusions and all questions regarding mid devices that are not the focus right now.

Later I’ll post more news about GCDS and about my presentation/paper.

3 thoughts on “New Pastebin feature and change of names…

  1. Aruu g

    Hi, I’m interested in helping out with plasma-netbook dev (that is, if you need more people). If so, where should I start? I just finished installing KDE on my brand new Eee and am eager to show off just how awesome Plasma is 🙂

    1. morpheuz

      Hi! Just join plasma mailing list and also #plasma on IRC and talk to us 🙂 for sure there are a lot of stuff that needs to be done.

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