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New Pastebin feature and change of names…

Now you can just drop an http URL on the pastebin plasmoid and it’ll give you a tiny url 🙂 Nice and small feature…

Also I just committed the change of name from plasma-mid to plasma-netbook to avoid problems, confusions and all questions regarding mid devices that are not the focus right now.

Later I’ll post more news about GCDS and about my presentation/paper.

Let the paste begin

Now almost all my wishes to pastebin plasmoid have been accomplished: the possibility of configuring the plasmoid to post to your own pastebin server.

So, for those who have a pastebin inside company’s intranet or even prefer to use one of the subdomains that the pastebin servers provide, all you have to do is go to settings dialog from pastebin plasmoid and put right there, in the “Servers” section, the address of your server. I must say that it only supports servers that runs one of the 4 backends (pastebin.ca, pastebin.com, imagebin.ca and imageshack.us). If you would like more backends, please just send a patch or tell us in #plasma 😉

Next step is to give some UI love to it: some “title” label, so you know with server it’s using, a nice icon….

pastebin server section

pastebin server section