Yet another plugin tutorial

Following Gustavo, I’m posting this “tutorial plugin” that was created with the help of Caio (cmarcelo @ Freenode). This is a presentation tool, where each slide is a Model and each presentation is a ModelFolder. It’s very simple, but supports transitions and uses some very basic concepts of Canola’s plugin framework.

I recommend also the download of Gustavo’s plugin because there is a very good readme.txt there that explains how everything works (so you don’t have to just find out reading the code).

Some details about this plugin: it looks for “.edj” (edje files) inside /tmp but you can change that inside a prefs file (cnl-set-prefs). Then just do your presentation using Edje (there is also a demo presentation in this tgz).

In the next days we should post an “SDK” that will make developer’s life easier, so they’ll be able to develop and test plugins on the desktop.

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2 thoughts on “Yet another plugin tutorial

    1. morpheuz

      Hi, it’s because I changed the server of my blog. You can try to download it from the old server, just changing the server on the url to “”. But as Canola is open source now, it’s better if you take one of the other open source plugins and tutorials 🙂



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