fisl 9 – INdT and Arena

The official definition:

Programming Arena

Imagine a big aquarium and inside it computer programmers, challenges and prizes instead of fishes. This is how the FISL Programming Arena looks like.

The Arena main objective is promoting a meeting between members in technology community for a contest based in technical skills considering individuals and groups. Is occurs before in remote phases and during the FISL 9.0. The location is a aquarium-room with restricted access in the middle of event center. Free software projects are chosen and used as a case of study for Arena.

So, this year INdT is helping to organize this contest and Nokia will give N95 and N800 as prizes for the winners. Through this post, I invite everybody that is going to come to the event to come in and at least try to solve our challenges ! =)

It’s important to say that we’ll be looking for potential future co-workers there, so if you are interested just let us know 😉

See you there!


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