Let the paste begin

Now almost all my wishes to pastebin plasmoid have been accomplished: the possibility of configuring the plasmoid to post to your own pastebin server.

So, for those who have a pastebin inside company’s intranet or even prefer to use one of the subdomains that the pastebin servers provide, all you have to do is go to settings dialog from pastebin plasmoid and put right there, in the “Servers” section, the address of your server. I must say that it only supports servers that runs one of the 4 backends (pastebin.ca, pastebin.com, imagebin.ca and imageshack.us). If you would like more backends, please just send a patch or tell us in #plasma 😉

Next step is to give some UI love to it: some “title” label, so you know with server it’s using, a nice icon….

pastebin server section

pastebin server section

10 thoughts on “Let the paste begin

  1. Trigger

    Great work, I love the plasmoid.

    But there is one thing which bugs me: It is not really usable in the taskbar. It needs way to much space. It would be cool up it would just occupy as much space as in icon and could show the pastebin URL as popup (or something similar).

  2. jackie

    good work! 🙂
    will this be included in the upcoming kde 4.2 (or some sub release) or will we wait until 4.3?
    I’ve not used it yet, but if there isn’t you should add also the possibility to hide the paste where is permitted (like imagebin) and/or set the expiration (pastebin.*)

  3. Carlos Licea

    Now that we are asking wishes, how about a way to paste the clipper’s content without having to drag and drop?.

  4. morpheuz

    @Trigger: Yeah, I’m including what you say in “give more UI love” hehe. I hope that after tokamak I can finally do this.

    @jackie: it’s already with kde 4.2 (kdeplasma-addons)

    @Carlos Licea: hey! you already have half of that 😉 When the applet finishes the post it automatically copies the URL to the clipboard, so all you have to do is CTRL+V…are you asking the other way round ?

  5. jackie

    morpheuz, i think that carlos mean the possibility to:
    – copy some text from somewhere (eg writer or some graphic app like karbon)
    – go to the applet
    – do a ctrl + v
    – the applet upload the content
    – the applet copy the results url in the clipboard

    or at least, i’ve interpreted as this 🙂

  6. Hans

    > When the applet finishes the post it automatically copies the URL to the clipboard

    Hah, I didn’t know that! Great, that was my #1 feature request. Now I just want a fancy icon. 🙂

    How about making it possible to drop text files on the applet? I just tried that and it pasted the file’s location.

  7. morpheuz

    @Hans: Hi! well, the fancy icon will come in a near future hehe, and about the file it works here. If I drag and drop a text file (or even an image file) from dolphin to the plasmoid it pastes the content of file….which version of kde are you running ?


  8. Hans

    I use KDE4 from trunk. Just updated but still get the same problem – when I drop a text file the location of the file is pasted (e.g. file:///home/kde-devel/test.txt), not the content itself.

    The file is created with KWrite and I drag from Dolphin.

    Btw morpheuz, are you the same person as MoRpHeUz? It’s confusing! 😉

  9. MoRpHeUz

    @Hans: I’ll take a look on this again later…see what is happening…and yes…morpheuz == MoRpHeUz hehe….sorry, it’s just a fact of being logged or not to wordpress..my fault =P



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